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Click to Sample 1. 1000 Perfect Kisses (2:36)
Click to Sample 2. Back To Me (3.14)
Click to Sample 3. Waiting For You (3.:09)
Click to Sample 4. Be My Luv Or Change My Mood (4:10)
Click to Sample 5. I Was Pushed I Was Pulled (6:45)
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Click to Sample 7. Spackled In Moon Beams (5:29)
Click to Sample 8. Walk My Heart With The Moon (4:30)
Click to Sample 9. Where The Painted Ponies Run (4:22)
Click to Sample 10. Vision On My Pillow (6:45)

Special Sounds
G'Larri and his Jazz Rock band. Coming up on the next album:

Click to Sample 1. Keep It On The Line (3:47)
Click to Sample 2. Middle Of The Night (5:05)
Click to Sample 3. Angered All The Spirits (4:03)
Click to Sample 4. Blessed Angel (4:10)
Click to Sample 5. Emotion Of The Night (4:40)

About G'Larri Music
Gerald Larribas, the creator of the famous Desperado imagery, has developed an extraordinary showcase that includes musical concerts, convention entertainment and special performances for public and private audiences.

Larribas is known throughout the United States and abroad for his visual talents in thematic art. His singer's voice is passionate, unique and speaks of experience in love, life, celebration and spirituality. Gerald's lyrics ring out true confessions of deep admiration for people who have influenced his creativity.

Larribas manifested his love for music by learning to play the mandolin. In his music, he implements the mandolin in a unique way -- as a lead instrument. Gerald studied various styles of music while embracing Bluegrass roots found in Appalachian, Irish, Blues and Gospel cultures.

His unique sound fuses his Bluegrass background with contemporary sounds from Motown, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Reggae and Latin rhythms. G'Larri contemporary sound integrates passion in song as Gerald takes a fine arts approach to projecting his music to the public.

"Gerald Larribas is truly an artist, illuminating flair with a fiery spirit." Listeners find the beauty and spirit portrayed in his original paintings relected in the G'Larri sound. Gerald's upbeat themes fill listeners with feelings of freedom, adventure and creative energy -- the spirit Larribas observes in the Desperadas of the great American Southwest.
G'Larri: Where The Painted Ponies Run
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"Where The Painted Ponies Run"