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Club Desperados
The Larribas' Desperados theme provides stunning and contemporary settings for entertainment venues, corporate facilities and personal residences. In the facility highlighted at left and above, club owners offered patrons a rockin' dance environment, stimulating social setting and good food. GLarri works of art, including canvas and wall designs, enhanced the club by transporting the enchanting mystique of the Southwest to beautiful Florida.

Desperados feature powerful images brought to life with stunning acrylic combinations of southwest color on canvas. These revolutionary designs capture the untamed beauty found only in the Southwestern United States. Female Desperados represent the beauty and independence of those who inhabit the Southwest. Larribas focuses on the eyes, creating a look of alluring power, and clothing, portraying contemporary fashion with soft western style. This unique combination allows each viewer a personal interpretation of the events that mold these mysterious women.

In the collage below, we have combined a number of images to highlight the versatility and unique ways the Desperado theme can be used to enhance a restraurant, club or entertainment venue. These multiple shots come from various facilities where GLarri works were displayed.

Artist Gerald Larribas (below) christens a promotional billboard announcing the Desperados theme featured in Albuquerque's popular entertainment venue, Midnight Rodeo. The facility is New Mexico's largest night club, well-known for contagious dancing and fresh musical entertainment.

Desperados at Midnight Rodeo