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A native New Mexican, Gerald Larribas began his artistic career while a student at the University of New Mexico. After ten years researching the unique cultures found only in the diverse border region of the Southwest, Gerald released his Visual Image theme featuring Desperados. Larribas brings these powerful images to life by applying stunning acrylic combinations of southwest color to canvas. The revolutionary design captures the untamed beauty observed only in the Southwestern United States.

The females portrayed represent the beauty and independence of those who inhabit the Southwest. Larribas focuses on the eyes, creating a look of alluring power, and clothing, portraying contemporary fashion with soft western style. This unique combination allows each viewer a personal interpretation of the events that mold these mysterious women.

Larribas is generally considered a Western artist, as his style reflects the dramatic surroundings of his experiences in the Southwest. Gerald is famous for his method of incorporating high fashion with contemporary "soft" western themes. His flowing style manifests the freedom, adventure and glamour of the West. Larribas' art, created in the Western ambiance of his birthplace, exhibits uncluttered lines, open spaces and elegant flair. His versatility transforms simplicity of style into complexity of interpretation.

Artist Gerald Larribas is dedicating himself to innovative design projects in the Solar Energy field to generate artistic solutions to the ever-growing need for renewable energy. The G'Larri goal is to provide unique concepts where design meets function to develop a better lifestyle for all. With ARKA's team in the lead, communities will be able to implement new designs that accomplish the goals of producing innovative and creative projects around the globe. These revolutionary projects add light sources to dark areas, which make these "after dark" locations safer for everyone. There are many areas within every city where people walk for exercise or recreate at all times day and night. ARKA conceptual designs will provide additional safety — balanced with beauty — so people can enjoy a higher quality of life from home to store or simply a relaxing, healthy walk in a well-lighted atmosphere. The ARKA-G'Larri designs also provide an additional source of power for recreational areas, parks and rest areas.

The DESPERADO theme moves to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. CNN called the project one of Ft. Lauderdale's most successful country night clubs where the most famous in the country music industry performs. Shooters International licenced Gerald Larribas to design and create a revolutionary facility. The company sought the best Southwestern and high-energy artist in New Mexico to provide them a true taste of the southwest in a Larribas full-design composition. Working with several companies to pull together his unique designs, Larribas was the first artist to bring giant "duratran" light boxes into the club rather than using general outdoor signage. The result was pure collaboration, along with G'Larri wardrobe for the waitresses who also wore exclusive Desperado jewelry made for the Desperado club. Shooters hired artist Larribas for a number of guest appearances to host a larger array of works to be sold to the public, poster signings and event fundraisers. Positive success for all who involved!

Gerald Larribas, THE ARTIST is best described in four words: Compelling, Contemporary, Sophisticated and Provocative.
COMPELLING Larribas - Attracts, lures and captivates with mysterious longing.

CONTEMPORARY Larribas - Combines cosmopolitan style, clean lines and freedom of the West.

SOPHISTICATED Larribas - Blends world-wide experience, international fashion and Western elegance.

PROVOCATIVE Larribas - Creates pleasure, awakens passion and tantalizes emotion.
Larribas Art is SERIES oriented - spanning several formats and themes.

Gerald Larribas in the real West
Artist Gerald Larribas
With roots in the Southwest,
his themes reflect his native
culture and experiences
(Acrylic on Canvas)
Imagine the stark, harsh Western landscape juxtapositioned with surreal feminine grace. To describe Larribas' adventures, envision an open sky, a love story and wild wind setting the mood. It is about freedom - about chic, physical women who will captivate you. She is the Desperado of the West with no ritual tendencies - just independence and a love of the environment she struggles to tame.
(Airbrush, Acrylic, Water Color, Pen & Ink)
Essence of a people - beyond color - beyond race. Contours defined in simplicity, elegant in style and fleeting in vision. Ghostlike lines command imagination, as illusions of the past mirage the future. Spontaneous lines grant latitude for individual interpretation of each work.
(Acrylic on Canvas)
Combine luscious gem-like colors based on birthstones and sophisticated women with expressive eyes, toss in accents of actual stones for a twelve painting series. Natural gemstones enhance the beauty, often obscure, in all women.
(Acrylic on Canvas)
Provocative colors seduce the eye combined with a style that lends itself to clothing designs. This series reflects the music of Larribas which speaks of love and life.
Pastel and ink drawings, dry brush and ink in abstract, combination woman-abstract forms.

Special Olympics 2015
Supporting the Mercury Orchestra: Houston 2015
Share the Care Equestrian Cup 2015
Lamborghini Festival Houston, featured as international artist
"Aventador Painting" 2013
Sisters of Saint Mary's Organization Foundation
Museum of Archaeology and Biblical History
Department of Public Safety: Santa Fe, NM
The Children Home Society East Broward Auxiliary
Children's Home Society, FL
The Institute for Spanish Artist
Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Buckaroo Ball: Santa Fe, NM
Alzheimer's Association of Albuquerque
Bienvenidos Outreach Inc.
Press Club of Albuquerque
Character Counts: Santa Fe, NM
The New Mexico Association of People Living with Aids, Inc.
New Mexico Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association
Holy Ghost Catholic School
Health Care for the Homeless
Memory Walk Alzheimer's Association
New Mexico Jazz Workshop
New Mexico Children's Foundation
Make a wish Foundation
University of New Mexico, Division of Student Affairs Women's Resource Center
National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
Children's Cancer fund of New Mexico